6 Oct 20

Targa Telematics presents tool to identify what cars can be electrified

Based on an analysis of a range of parameters, the Targa Best Choice tool allows car rental companies and fleet managers to optimise the entire fleet and identify cars that can be replaced with electrically powered models. The tool helps fleets to identify savings opportunities both in terms of costs and environmental impact.

Using the tool is very simple: just enter the number plate number of a connected car and, based on the information collected, the company produces a report on potential savings and CO2 reductions so that fleet managers can assess the entire fleet.

Once the fleet replacement and optimisation project has been completed, the system continues to support the fleet manager in the management of electric vehicles by providing tools that enable the proper use of batteries, sizing and organisation of the charging infrastructure, verification of recharging, allowing optimal use also by drivers. 

Authored by: Benjamin Uyttebroeck