7 Jul 21

Tesla drivers pay 37% less for 'fuel' than equivalent ICE drivers

A driving app that allows drivers of electric vehicles to monitor their charging costs has found that Tesla drivers pay 37% less for electricity than they would in petrol for an equivalent internal combustion engine car (5.14l/100km, 55mpg).

Much of the saving derives from the low cost of charging at home. The EEVEE Driver appfound that 84% of charging takes place at home, 6% at the workplace and 10% at public chargers.

These percentages are likely to change as drivers without a drive or garage to install a domestic charge point start to transition to EVs.

The analysis found that the average Tesla driver spends €55 (£47) per month charging their car, the equivalent of just 36 litres of petrol at €1.52 (£1.30) per litre.

By tracking how much fleet drivers spend at each charging location, EEVEE helps company EV drivers calculate their charging costs so they can make expense claims for business miles. The app creates reports that drivers can send automatically to their accounts department to claim back the true cost of recharging.

Steffen Brans, founder of EEVEE Mobility, said: “This data begins to paint a picture of the real-world behaviour of EV owners and in doing so highlights one of the key benefits of EV ownership - lower running costs.We always knew that it’s cheaper to fill your car up with electricity rather than petrol, but we now know exactly how much it is costing drivers to charge their EVs. These findings are incredibly useful, and I look forward to seeing how the data evolves as cars from different manufacturers become compatible with EEVEE.”

Image: Shutterstock

Authored by: Jonathan Manning