2 Mar 22

THOR AVAS launches “tuneful” acoustic warning system for EVs

THOR AVAS launches “tuneful” acoustic warning system for EVs

Founded in 2017 by ex-engineers from Toyota, Daimler and BMW, THOR AVAS has launched an acoustic warning system for electric vehicles.

The solution dynamically changes its sound, described in company literature as “beautiful for hearing”, with the movement of the vehicle it’s installed in.

Electric vehicles, including cars, scooters, buses and bicycles, run quietly, which makes them dangerous for citizens and animals, particularly those with visual and hearing impairments. This means that the move towards e-mobility, while benefiting the environment, is introducing a potential danger to pedestrians.

Adhering to AVAS regulations

The law now requires cars to be equipped with Acoustic Vehicle Alert System (AVAS) that produces sounds when the vehicles are being driven.

THOR AVAS’s warning system is now available for city fleets (busses and municipally provided micro-mobility vehicles), plus auto OEMs to be either built into vehicles or installed aftermarket.

How it works

THOR AVAS connects to a vehicle’s controller in a “reader” mode. This enables it to artificially generate a sound depending on many parameters, such as speed, gas peddle position, GPS (urban/suburban) and time of day.

You can listen to samples of THOR AVAS's audio alarms by clicking these links: Car conceptMoto conceptScooter concept


Authored by: Alison Pittaway