10 Nov 22

Vinfast chooses Shell for home charging 

Vinfast has a partnership with Shell for domestic charging points

As part of its European entrance, Vietnamese EV startup Vinfast has selected Shell Recharge as a partner and supplier for domestic wall boxes. German, French and Dutch customers of the car brand will be able to order the equipment directly from the Vinfast app.

After a consultation round, Vinfast chose Shell Recharge because of the seamlessly offered functionalities like scheduled charging and remote charging management. However, it is not clear whether customers receive a discount by choosing Shell Recharge over other providers.

Apparently, with the partnership, Vinfast pursues an in-house offer as an answer to the propriety wall boxes from premium car manufacturers. For Shell Recharge, this is the second collaboration with a car manufacturer, after a similar agreement with luxury brand Genesis which extends to a card encompassing 300 000 public charging points.  

"Turnkey packages"

Ho Thanh Huong, CEO of VinFast in Europe said: “We believe that the turnkey packages offered by Shell Recharge Solutions would provide VinFast customers with an optimized home-charging experience, and the company’s reputation for development of charging technology would help reassure first-time EV customers and make their purchasing journey as straightforward as possible.”

Beginning by the end of 2022, Vinfast intends to open more than 50 brand stores in The Netherlands, Germany and France. By then, Shell Recharge will also be ready to immediately provide customers of the VF8 and VF9 SUVs charging points.

Image Source: Vinfast

Authored by: Piet Andries