26 Sep 22

Vinfast starts global deliveries in December

The Vinfast VF 8 is specifically developed for international markets

Vietnamese carmaker Vinfast has announced the start of its global deliveries. In an event at its manufacturing plant in Hai Phong, where it delivered the first hundred all-electric VF 8 models to domestic customers, the company stated that it will ship 5,000 cars to international markets in November, eyeing 65,000 in the short term, with hand-overs following one month later.

Vinfast wants to move faster in the global marketplace than its Chinese counterparts. The brand, founded by Vietnam’s richest man Phạm Nhật Vượng, is launching its premium SUV VF 8, a dedicated development for international markets, followed by its larger seven-seater sibling VF 9, simultaneously in the US, Canada, and Europe. The Chinese EV makers are currently only present in Europe.

Subscription or all-in?

The international launch also sheds light on the pricing strategy. With Vinfast's export exclusively focusing on EVs, the company offers a subscription model for battery rental, called Fixed for unlimited mileage and Flexible for 310 miles or 500 kilometres per month. The package has been finalized with an all-in purchase.

Equipped with a comprehensive suite of ADAS systems and far-stretching connectivity such as a Summon Mode and a shortcut for online shopping, the VF 8 aims at the American and European premium players. Purchase with the battery included costs in Europe €62,000, while a subscription starts at €599 per month. Opting to exclude the battery reduces the purchase price by roughly 25%.     

The latter option is meant “to make premium electric vehicles accessible to everyone”, according to the company. The brand also claims that it received 73,000 reservations worldwide so far.  

Image: Vinfast

Authored by: Piet Andries