18 Apr 23

Volta Trucks begins the series production of the all-electric Volta Zero

Volta Trucks begins the series production of the all-electric Volta Zero

All-electric commercial vehicle manufacturer Volta Trucks has announced the commencement of the all-electric Volta Zero series production in partnership with Steyr Automotive. 

Volta Zero, the 16-tonne all-electric truck designed to revolutionise logistics, completed its first successful test run in Paris last year and will now be manufactured in Steyr, Austria.

The company says the first series of customer-specification vehicles will come out of the production line after the design and validation process. The first trucks to come out will participate in the Volta Zero Driving Experience Programme, which will help fleet managers integrate the trucks into their operations. After intense quality assurance and testing, the first orders will arrive to customers in Q3 2023. 

14,000 trucks a year

The partnership with Steyr Automotive is to strengthen Austria's role in the rising e-mobility in Europe, while the aim is to produce up to 14,000 vehicles annually for Volta Trucks. The assembly lines of Volta Zero will provide over 700 jobs and a further 2,000 positions within the supply chain, Volta Trucks say. 

Volta Trucks has displayed ambitious growth since its establishment in 2019. The company recently expanded its Truck-as-a-Service (TaaS) operations to Germany and Spain, following London and Paris hubs. 

Image: Volta Trucks

Authored by: Mufit Yilmaz Gokmen