27 Oct 22

VW advances all-electric deadline for EU models to 2033

The Volkswagen brand is pushing forward the finish line of combustion-engined models in Europe. The previous time frame of 2033 to 2035 has been advanced to a deadline of 2033, according to its boss Thomas Schäfer.

This means that the entire European lineup will be all-electric by that time. However, in markets like China and the United States, the German maker will make the switch later.

To news agencies, Schäfer also commented on the product portfolio, stating that his brand is working on two entry-level BEVs - a hatchback and a cross-over - and an SUV-like version of the ID.3, smaller than the current ID.4. This car should arrive on an updated version of the MEB architecture before 2026. By then, the VW brand will have launched ten new electric vehicles.

“Shedding old habits”

Regarding model strategy, VW’s boss further explained that the company would streamline its showroom offers (“shedding old habits”), steering away from current overlaps. The brand wants an EV in every class, from city car (ID.1) to executive (ID Aero), but with a simplified lineup.

Production of the models is also being revised. Instead of attributing individual cars to dedicated factories, the plants will become multi-branded and focus on architectures to cut costs and raise performance. 

The latter is an often-heard comment in higher German automotive management which seeks to come to terms with the electrification challenges.

Image: Volkswagen

Authored by: Piet Andries