25 Sep 20

Webfleet Solutions wins Telematik Award

Netherlands-based fleet management specialist Webfleet Solutions has won the Telematik Award 2020. Organised by the German trade magazine Telematik Markt, the award honours outstanding achievements and solutions in telematics. 

Webfleet Solutions received the award in recognition of the electric vehicle (EV) feature of its main fleet management solution, WEBFLEET. Introduced earlier this year, the EV features allow fleet managers to remotely monitor EV 
battery levels, driving range and remaining charging time. The EV features are a useful tool for fleet electrification and maximising the cost-saving potential of EVs. 

“(This award) is a recognition that we (…) constantly create innovative solutions for both fleet managers and drivers,” said Taco van der Leij, VP of Webfleet Solutions Europe. “EVs will become a crucial part of all fleets – however, adapting to new processes and planning is not always easy. We will continue to support our customers to master the needed transformation.”

Following the award, Webfleet Solutions announced they would further enhance their EV features, with the next release of WEBFLEET scheduled for mid-October.

(Image: Webfleet Solutions)

Authored by: Frank Jacobs