11 Mar 19

15 minutes to charge: Tesla speeds up Supercharger

15 to 20 minutes is all you will need to reach 80% state of charge with the upcoming V3 generation of Tesla's Superchargers, the company communicated last week. The V3 stations will be able to pump DC into the batteries at 250 kW, thereby halving the time needed. In other words: the same Supercharger can soon charge twice as many vehicles per day. 

The technology features a new, more compact, lighter and liquid cooled cable. It requires the activation of a new battery mode before you reach the station. The latter makes sure the battery reaches the right temperature for fast charging. The first V3 Supercharger site will be operational in America next month. The technology will reach Europe and the Asia-Pacific region in the fourth quarter. 

Competition from Ionity

The communication comes in response to the superfast charging network called Ionity, a joint-venture uniting VW Group, Daimler, Ford and BMW. Ionity will be deploying 400 DC station along Europe’s major motorways with a 350 kW-capacity. The first vehicles that will be able to charge at this speed are probably the Porsche Taycan and BMW i3.

Authored by: Dieter Quartier