23 Nov 23

The 2023 Green Fleet Manager of the Year is Emin Guluyev, Vodafone

The 2023 Green Fleet Manager of the Year is Emin Guluyev, Global Category Team Lead – Mobility Services (Fleet, Travel, Meetings & Events) at Vodafone. The award was presented by Carlos Lahoz, Vice President – Sales, Channel & Ownership Experience at KIA Europe.

The European Green Fleet Manager of the Year Award honors the individual or team within a multinational company that has successfully executed a fleet program showcasing demonstrable improvements in their GHG emission strategy over a dedicated period. These improvements primarily revolve around vehicle and powertrain selection, energy efficiency optimization, emission reduction, and innovative approaches to promoting eco-friendliness.

50% of fleet is EV
The jury was impressed with Emin’s holistic and comprehensive Green Fleet Strategy, which integrates change management and governance principles, firmly discontinuing the procurement of internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles as early as April 2024. Today 50% of the fleet already consists of electric vehicles (EVs). Employee training materials and a strong emphasis on home charging are integral components of this initiative.

Emin manages a fleet of 10,990 vehicles across the globe, of which 9,965 in Europe.

Previous winners: Andy Leeden, AstraZeneca (2019) I Steffen Krautwasser, SAP (2020) I Ricardo Koevoet, ABB (2021) I Tamas Littner, General Electric (2022)