27 Sep 22

Alphabet’s new consultancy manager gives her views on the UK Government’s emergency budget

Earlier this month (September 2022) Alphabet (GB) announced the appointment of Caroline Sandall-Mansergh as its new Consultancy and Channels Development Manager.

Yesterday, she gave us her views on last week’s emergency budget by the UK Government’s newly appointed Prime Minister Liz Truss and Chancellor kwasi kwarteng and what it means for fleets.

In a statement, Sandall-Mansergh, said: “It’s positive that the Chancellor is committing to deliver much-needed support to businesses for energy bills, as well as easing of the fiscal burden on employees with planned reductions for both National Insurance (NI) and income tax rates. New Investment Zones also have the potential to create significant opportunities for eligible businesses to leverage a series of additional tax incentives, including plant and machinery and enhanced structures and buildings relief.

Further tax relief to drive ongoing investment

Businesses play a vital role in expanding the UK’s EV charging network, and whilst companies can currently benefit from the 100% first-year allowance for electric charge-points, we are interested to see how further relief will drive the ongoing development and installation of charging networks.

However, it’s disappointing that there is still an absence of clarity on BIK rates post 2045/25 and the inequality of VAT treatment between home and public charge points has yet to be addressed. We are at a crucial point in EV adoption and if we are to maintain momentum, it’s paramount favourable BIK rates for low and zero-emission vehicles remain past the current cut-off.”

Sandall-Mansergh, a former consultant for LeasePlan, joined Alphabet following 23 years as a fleet manager.

As Consultancy and Channels Development Manager, Sandall-Mansergh will focus on growing Alphabet’s consultancy arm for electrified vehicles (EV) as well as providing strategic counsel for customers and internal teams on topics such as government policy, taxation, and environmental, sustainability, and governance matters.

Image of Caroline Sandall-Mansergh, courtesy of Alphabet (GB)

Authored by: Alison Pittaway