14 Sep 20

AlphaElectric takes away uncertainties about electrification

Electrifying fleets is a hot topic and offers an exciting approach to combine sustainability and cost-efficiency. Especially recent government incentives, advanced car technologies with longer ranges and even better charging infrastructure makes eMobility more and more attractive. We spoke to Markus Deusing, Chief Commercial Officer at Alphabet International, about how companies can successfully integrate electric vehicles into their fleet.

What role does eMobility play today?

"eMobility plays a key role in our customers’ goals to reach sustainability targets and enhance company reputation. Last year, we put 21,000 EVs and PHEVs on the road, which translates to nearly 5% of the market share of all EV/PHEV registrations in Europe – this positions us as market leader in this sector. Back in 2013, we were pioneers when developing the first holistic eMobility solution in Europe for corporate fleets – AlphaElectric. It has always been more than just leasing because it looks at the big picture and provides a comprehensive solution that is tailor-made for each customer. Now, seven years later, the refreshed AlphaElectric is even more advanced and makes it easier to electrify the fleet to approach eMobility in the right way."

Many of your competitors have now added green solutions to their portfolio. What is special about AlphaElectric and how does it work?

"When customers decide for AlphaElectric, they are not only getting a product or a service but a comprehensive partner who looks behind the scenes. Our consulting approach assures our customers are ready for the transition – everyone at his own pace and in a way that optimises their overall potential. It’s more important than ever to advise them on how to position themselves correctly when it comes to eMobility, because not every customer can already electrify his fleet up to a 100%. However, that may be the case in the near future and therefore they should be prepared."

"That’s why we developed “the eMobility-route” with three stages: Consulting, Implementation and Daily Operations. First, everything focuses on consulting to create a tailor-made electrification strategy. We take into account the optimal share of electrifiable vehicles with our electrification potential analysis (EPA), the variations of total cost of ownership (TCO) and the adjustments to the car policy. In addition, further important details for the tailor-made analysis are worked out in customer workshops in order to get the best result. Second, we concentrate on the realisation of an appropriate charging plan. To do so, we consider the publicly available infrastructure, workplace and home charging solutions. With integrated smart charge cards, fleet managers also have full transparency. On the third stage of our “e-route”, we are at our customers’ side as enabler to offer everyday Mobility Services like rent-on-demand, e.g. combustion cars to cover longer journeys and EV driver support."

How is your eMobility solution accepted so far and how do you see further developments?

"The feedback has been very positive so far: companies are proactively seeking business relations with us and referrals are increasing. Moreover, the numbers prove us right: Alphabet’s EV portfolio has increased substantially over the last five years, growing this segment by 42% in total compared to the previous year. We are strengthening our collaborations with partners who deliver the right energy and mobility services. With AlphaElectric, we will take away most burdens or uncertainties that customers might have and make sure that we will turn more and more companies and drivers into EV enthusiasts. With the increasing number of new models in different car segments, the uptake will definitely continue to rise."

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