10 Sep 19

Also at IAA: all-new Land Rover Defender

The long-awaited new Land Rover Defender was finally unveiled in Frankfurt, many years after the withdrawal of what many regard as an icon of Britishness and of off-roading.

When the old Defender was withdrawn in 2016, Land Rover hoped to introduce a new version quite soon. It turned out to be more difficult and challenging to replace what was essentially the icon of the brand and indeed the icon of off-roading.

Now, the new Defender is ready and it can already be ordered. As with the previous generation, it will be available as a five door (“110”) or a three door (“90”). A third model will also be added to the line-up, the 130 with a longer wheelbase.

The Defender retains its boxy looks but the vehicle has been entirely restyled and redesigned. Don’t expect the Defender to be the same spartan vehicle it used to be. Land Rover has clearly pushed it upmarket and it includes all the modern comforts Land Rover drivers expect from any other vehicle.

Land Rover boasts the new Defender should be at least as capable off road as the previous version. It will come as a plug-in hybrid and the adventurous entrepreneur will be happy to learn that LCV models are also in the making.



Authored by: Benjamin Uyttebroeck