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14 Aug 19

BMW launches 3 new PHEV models in race towards 95g

The Bavarian premium carmaker is betting big on plug-in hybrids and keeps expanding its offer. Thanks to their particularly low CO2 emission values, they help BMW reach the European 95 g/km CO2 target whilst offering a compelling TCO on subsidised markets.

BMW 330e: bigger battery

The brand new 330e (G20), which will also come as a Touring estate model next year, is technically very similar to its predecessor. The ICE is still a two-litre four-cylinder petrol unit (sourced from the 320i) producing 184hp, mated to an electric motor boasting 113hp as peak output. The combined power of the two lies at 252hp with an XtraBoost-function that adds 40 hp for up to ten seconds in Sport Mode. Thanks to the 12kWh battery the electric range increases by over 50% compared to its predecessor and now equals 66 kilometres. The CO2 emissions vary between 37 and 43 g/km (NEDC correlated).

BMW 225xe Active Tourer: a niche of its own

The 225xe Active Tourer MPV isn’t a new model,  but has been updated technically. The electric range grew by more than 25% to reach 57 kilometres thanks to the increased capacity of the battery, which now holds 10kWh. Engine-wise, the 225xe still uses a three-cylinder petrol engine with 136hp that drives the front wheels plus an 88hp electric motor that drives the rear axle, making this a (virtual) 4x4. The combined power output of the 225xe is 224hp, enough to ensure swift performance, with, however, official CO2 emissions of no more than 42 to 47 g/km (NEDC correlated). As such it has no competitors today - but the Mercedes B 250 e is coming.

BMW 530e: now also as xDrive

The 530e sedan also gets an upgrade. The car sees its range increase and adds the possibility of four-wheel drive. The plug-in hybrid system of the rear wheel drive and the four-wheel drive 530e consists of a two-litre four-cylinder petrol engine (184 hp) as well as a 113 hp electric motor that is integrated into the 8-speed automatic transmission. The system power output is 252hp, just like in the new 330e. Following the introduction of a 12kWh battery (compared to 9.2kWh before), the electric range of the 530e increases by more than 30% to up to 66 kilometres (58 kilometres on the xDrive), while the CO2 emissions drop by more than 20% to somewhere in between 36 and 41 grams for the two-wheel drive version and 46 to 49 grams on the xDrive.

Authored by Stijn Blanckaert