5 Feb 19

BMW tests 2021 iNext EV in snowy Sweden

In about two years' time, BMW will launch its next-generation EV, which today goes by the name iNext. An important phase in the development is testing the chassis, suspension and powertrain in extreme conditions. Today, the Bavarian carmaker released pictures of a prototype facing violent wintery conditions in Sweden.

The cold poses a challenge, above all, for the electric motor, the high-voltage battery and the cooling system of the BMW iNext. The engineers analyse the way in which the extreme sub-zero temperatures affect how the energy storage system recharges, how electricity is transferred to the electric motor, how the electrical system is supplied with energy and how the heating and air condition systems respond.

Low temperatures can have a big impact on an EV's effective range. That is why this test phase is so important.

BMW's new technology flagship ntegrates the key future topics of automated driving, connectivity, electrification and services. It takes the shape of an SUV and will be produced in Germany.

Authored by: Dieter Quartier