15 Jul 20

Ekoen - no-compromise charging

Although electromobility is no longer a distant future and more people are parking electric vehicles in their garages, it is still difficult to talk about the comfort of using a zero-emission vehicle. If there are charging stations in the city you live in, you still have to wait quite some time while your car is charging, which can hardly qualify as time well spent.

EV drivers should not have to compromise. That's why the team of Ekoenergetyka developed Ekoen – a multiple output charging station which is the future of real e-mobility. The new, innovative approach to zero-emission vehicle charging is based on the assumption that owners of electric vehicles cannot be treated differently than drivers of combustion engine vehicles. What does that mean in practice?

High power charging

Charging the vehicle must be quick. It doesn’t matter if you are going to work or on holiday – we value your time. That is why you will always find the most advanced high-power charging infrastructure available at the Ekoen station. With the liquid-cooled CCS Combo 2 plug, you can charge your car with up to 350 kW.

Ekocafe and relaxation zone

Ekocafe with delicious snacks and a special relaxation zone for drivers. It is also a great solution for fleets based on electric vehicles such as taxis, couriers, last mile vehicles, etc.

24/7 availability

Ekoen stations are available around the clock. Charge your batteries whenever you need. When charging, take a break in the relaxation zone.


Forget about applications, subscriptions, RFID cards. To charge the vehicle, all you need is cash or a payment card. Because charging must be easy!

Only by meeting these four conditions will you be able to use electric vehicles comfortably, without any compromises. If you are interested in developing the Ekoen concept in your country - contact us. We are a part of Ekoenergetyka Group, which is the largest Polish manufacturer of charging infrastructure.

Ekoenergetyka is looking for distributors

In response to market changes we offer a wide and complete scope of DC charging stations, covering all use cases and charging scenarios, from slower destination charging to ultra-fast battery top-ups along the way.

The modern design, innovative technology, wide range of operating parameters, high power, user-friendly interface, tested and proven technology and excellent reliability are all features of charging stations manufactured by Ekoenergetyka. All charging stations are easy to install and operate, and may be used as individual charging points or as integrated and comprehensive systems suitable for charging individual vehicles and large fleets.

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