21 Jul 22

‘Electric As You Go’: Stellantis launches long-term BEV rental

Stellantis, the manufacturing group uniting FCA and PSA, introduces ‘Electric As You Go’, a 'long-term rental' (i.e. leasing) programme dedicated to BEVs. It is now available to private customers in France and is expected to expand to other European countries soon.

Freedom, simplicity, sustainability and affordability: those are the core values of ‘Electric As You Go’, a competitive long-term rental service dedicated to full-electric models from the Stellantis Group.

For now, ‘Electric As You Go’ customers can choose between the Peugeot e-208 and the Opel Corsa-e (pictured), both BEVs with a WLTP-verified range of more than 360 km. Or, based on their needs, the Opel Mokka-e, a B-SUV. The offer will soon be extended to other Stellantis Group BEVs.

Connectivity feature

The cost structure of ‘Electric As You Go’ consists of three pillars: 

  • a limited initial down payment,
  • a monthly fee from €110, and
  • a cost per use of 7 cents per km (with a monthly minimum of 500 km, i.e. €35). Mileage is calculated thanks to the connectivity feature embedded in all Stellantis BEVs. 

This means the starting price for the long-term rental of a Stellantis BEV via ‘Electric As You Go’ is €145 – an “affordable solution to access the BEV world”, the group said in a press release. 

Dare Foreward

Stellantis presents ‘Electrify As You Go’ as part of Dare Forward 2030, its long-term plan to put the customer at the centre of the Group’s strategy. That means both “best-in-class performance and capabilities”, and “best-in-class economics”. 

Of course, the concept behind ‘Electrify As You Go’ is inspired by the ‘pay-per-use’ trend that is already popular with consumers, allowing them to pay only for a product or service when they’re actually using it. Combined with the lower operational cost of BEVs, this results in an offer that Stellantis calls “BEVs for all”. 

Carbon net-zero

Apart from aiming to democratise access to BEVs, ‘Electric As You Go’ also furthers the Group’s goals to go carbon net-zero by 2038 (with an intermediate step of -50% by 2030). 

‘Electric As You Go’ is now available in France for the three aforementioned models, but will soon expand, both to other BEV models from the Stellantis Group, and to more countries in Europe. Prices will differ per country, based on the incentives offered by each government.

Image: Shutterstock

Authored by: Frank Jacobs