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15 Sep 20

Electrify and connect your fleet with Fleet Europe

What does it take to electrify your vehicle fleet? And how can you benefit from connectivity? From 15 September until 16 October,  your media Fleet Europe focuses on everything electric and connected.

The push for electrification is being felt today. Governments across Europe are introducing incentives to go electric, awareness about climate change and health risks is growing and more and more companies have CO2 objectives to meet. On top of that, employees also have different expectations than in the past, and experiences of COVID-19 will only accelerate that.

The 2020 Global Fleet Survey has shown that:

  • 83% of all European fleet managers expect an increase in the number of EVs in their fleet
  • Global fleet managers expect their fleets to be 32% electric by 2025
  • More than 80% of corporate fleets will have adopted connected services and telematics

Indeed, connected services are key to the electrification process:

  • Subscriptions of connected services for consumer and commercial EVs – such as charging-station locators, eco-routing and EV telematics – will grow with 270% from 2020 to 2024.
  • 27M consumers and 1M commercial plug-in electric vehicles will be sold by 2030.
  • Today, people often worry charging infrastructure lacks smart communication systems with vehicles. There is a high need for connected services to display information such as the location of compatible charging stations and real-time availability to drivers.

Supertheme Electric & Connected

Over the next few weeks, Fleet Europe will bring you exclusive content to guide you in the world of electric and connected mobility.


From 15 September to 15 October.

Just a few of the articles you can expect from us in the coming month:

  • Tuesday 15 September: 5 tips to implement an EV fleet from fleet managers
  • Thursday 17 September: Overview of city bans: in what cities can you no longer enter with a diesel vehicle?
  • Friday 18 September: How connected services can support EV driving and charging
  • Monday 21 September: How to tender and select the right connectivity technology partner
  • Tuesday 22 September: How to charge your EV in the most efficient way
  • Thursday 24 September: The evolution of the cost of electricity
  • Friday 25 September: Top 10 most valuable connected vehicle features

The European Guide to Fleet Electrification

To be published early October.

The upcoming issue of Fleet Europe Magazine will be dedicated to the topic of Electric & Connected. In this European Guide to Fleet Electrfification, you will find all relevant Information to make the best decisions to electrify your fleet and efficiently use connected solutions.

Fleet Week

From 12 October to 16 October

A Virtual Fleet Week will be organised around Electric & Connected to support our audience via Deep Dive and Best Practice Webinars focusing on strategies to implement EVs in their corporate fleets.

  • 12 October: Overview of EVs on the market (sponsored by Nissan)
  • 14 October: Charging infrastructure (sponsored by ALD & ChargePoint)
  • 16 October: Implementation of EVs (sponsored by Webfleet Solutions)

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Authored by: Steven Schoefs