20 Nov 18

EV test drive: get behind the wheel of the latest models

Would it not be great to try out all the new EVs that have just been launched and literally step from one car into the next and compare? Good news: at the Fleet Europe Summit in Barcelona, it is possible.

This is your best chance to test, today, the vehicles that you and your colleagues will drive tomorrow. On Wednesday 27th, 2018, attendants of the Fleet Europe Summit can get behind the wheel* of 6 brand-new electric cars:

Those who wonder what it is like to drive a fuel-cell vehicle powered by hydrogen - which equally uses an electric motor and emits zero harmful emissions - can sign up for a ride with the Toyota Mirai.

Managers of LCV fleets are not left behind: they get to try out the readily available Maxus EV80.

Finally, electric mobility also pertains to two-wheeled vehicles. That is why Fleet Europe offers attendants the opportunity to grab the handle bars of two e-scooters:

10 slots of 30 minutes are available for each car and 15 slots of 20 minutes for each e-scooter. Are you attending the conference and wish to seize this opportunity? Book your slot here. Should  you prefer to ride along with a colleague instead of drive yourself, you can always contact the staff at the EV test drive desk.

*Since the EQC has not been released for sale yet, participants will not be able to drive themselves, but they can ride along as a passenger.
Authored by: Dieter Quartier