27 Aug 20

EVBox and Mobility House to develop V2G tech

EVBox and The Mobility House are joining forces to develop and implement new vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technology. V2G enables electric vehicles (EVs) to deliver electricity back to the grid. This can help stabilise the energy supply and provide a financial benefit to the vehicle operator. 

By adding these benefits to the mix, V2G can help accelerate the transition to an emissions-free future for mobility. And that is exactly what motivates the collaboration between EV charging specialist EVBox and The Mobility House, which helps corporates transition to an emissions-free energy and mobility paradigm. 

In practical terms, EVBox will provide the hardware and The Mobility House the software for future joint projects, creating a win-win for both companies. 

Fossil-free island
Emissions-free mobility requires more than just electric vehicles. The power they use must also be generated from renewable sources. However, the sun and wind are naturally inconstant.  

Using EV batteries as a backup power source for the grid will help smoothe out the slumps in the supply of renewable energy. ChargePilot is an intelligent energy management system developed by The Mobility House in order to optimise the interaction between the overall electricity grid and the EV batteries connected to it, in function of the power supply to the grid. 

The system is already being road-tested on Porto Santo, the ‘Smart Fossil-Free Island’ that is part of Portugal’s Madeira archipelago. The collaboration between Renault, the local energy company and The Mobility House has been ongoing since 2018. EVBox contributed the bidirectional charging stations for the project (pictured), which proves that EVs can provide an important contribution not just to the transformation of mobility, but also of energy production itself.

Image: EVBox

Authored by: Frank Jacobs