7 Oct 20

EVBox: charging anxiety main obstacle to switching to EVs

Electric cars are considered to be an instrumental solution to climate change by 43% of European citizens. That’s just one of the findings of the EVBox Mobility Monitor, a market research report EVBox carries out annually across six European countries.

EVBox carries out the EVBox Mobility Monitor each year alongside Ipsos in the Netherlands, Germany, France, Belgium, Norway and the UK.

A large proportion of European citizens (62%) rate climate change as a highly personal matter—and 74% of people who are looking to invest in an EV or already drive one agree.

Combatting climate change

More than half of the respondents (62%) state that reducing CO2 emissions in transportation is important to them and roughly two out of three (potential) EV drivers clearly link e-mobility to the broader theme of combating climate change. In general, environmental considerations are important to potential EV drivers when looking to buy a car—particularly for respondents from Germany (72%), Belgium (69%), the UK (68%), and France (66%).

Charging is the main barrier

In all six countries except Norway, the two main barriers to not going electric are the uncertainty of the availability of publicly-accessible charging stations and the perception that EVs are still relatively expensive. Additional concerns include the amount of time required for charging sessions and the perception that EV charging costs more than fuelling with petrol.

However, the majority of current EV drivers do not encounter problems during charging sessions (89%) which shows that as long as people are open to trying it out, they likely won’t look back.

Governments should prioritise

Policies and tax credits have the power to turn potential EV drivers into actual ones. 77% of people considering investing in an EV think that their government should prioritise policies that protect the environment. The transportation goal of the European Green Deal is seen as favourable by 70% of (potential) EV drivers, and more than half say that the goal makes investing in an EV a more attractive prospect.

Current EV drivers prove extremely loyal when it comes to electric driving — 82% say that they would opt for an EV again. Governmental policies with a focus on the environment, more (fast) charging points across Europe, and an increase in affordable new EV models are strong motivators to ensure a seamless transition to e-mobility.

Images copyright: EVBox

Authored by: Benjamin Uyttebroeck