1 Nov 21

Finally, we have a Village again!

Online meetings can’t replicate the pleasure of greeting people face to face. That’s why we look forward to seeing you all at the Fleet Europe Summit on 9 and 10 November – and especially at the Fleet Europe Village on 10 November. If there’s one place where business and pleasure mix, it’s at the Village! 

From the very beginning, the Village has been one of the most popular elements of the Fleet Europe Summit. It’s an arena for fleet suppliers to meet fleet customers, present and future. It’s an ideal forum for informal contacts between old business acquaintances and new business friends. If you want the latest industry news and the hottest industry gossip, this is where you’ll find it.

Forced by circumstance, last year’s Fleet Europe Summit went virtual. We feel we got the most out of that formula, and our virtual visitors generally agreed. But the biggest difference, and the greatest deficit, was the lack of an actual, physical meeting place. So we’re very happy this year finally to have the Village back! 

And how. The 2021 Fleet Europe Summit in Brussels will feature a massive Village, with more than 50 booths representing top-level suppliers to the Fleet and Mobility industry (see illustration). Our selection represents the very best in innovative services and solutions to the industry, particularly in the field of zero-emission technology – but also including new digital tools for fleet optimisation.

The Fleet Europe Village will open its doors on 10 November at 8 AM, and will close up shop at 6 PM. As always, it will be the heart of the Summit, where delegates meet and interact with each other and with suppliers between presentations. As a chance to network, exchange ideas with peers, customers and prostect and extend your fleet and mobility network, the Fleet Europe Village on its own is well worth the trip to Brussels.

But then there’s so much more about the Summit that will surprise, excite and inform you. So: see you at the Summit, and in the Village!

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Authored by: Frank Jacobs