21 Oct 21

Five new extra large e-LCVs launched

A new range of five converted electric light commercial vehicles has been unveiled by Voltia.

The Slovakian e-mobility specialist has designed and built extra large models based on the Stellantis platform that helped the Peugeot e-Expert, Citroën ë-Jumpy and Opel (Vauxhall) Vivaro-ewin the International Van of the Year in 2021. A Toyota version of the e-LCV will follow next year.

The new electric vans will have a cargo volume of 11m3 and a payload of 800 to 1,000kgto support the requirements of courier drivers. They will be available with two different battery options. The 50kW version has a range of 200km, while the 75kW battery should be capable of up to 280km between recharges.

 Juraj Ulehla, Voltia´s CEO, said: "We think the Stellantis eK0 platform has huge potential; it is excellent for delivering goods in cities. We are responding to the increased requirements of companies in the post-pandemic period, [with] easy movement in the van even for a standing person.”

The price of the vehicles starts at €35,950, although many EU Member States have subsidies to support the uptake of zero emission vans. Ulehla added that the monthly operating costs of the e-LCVs will be similar or lower than diesel equivalents, thanks to an 83% saving in fuel costs per km and 40-45% lower maintenance costs.

The e-LCVs will be converted in Voltia’s factory in Nitra, Slovakia, although the company is also looking at manufacturing options in other countries.

“If necessary, we are ready to expand our capacities next year with foreign partners in the UK, France, and Germany," said Ulehla.

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Image: Voltia

Authored by: Jonathan Manning