27 Sep 22

The Fully-electric Volta Zero completes its first test run in Paris

Fully-electric commercial vehicle manufacturer Volta Trucks and multinational logistics giant DB Schenker have marked a milestone in fleet logistics, completing the first test phase of Volta Zero in Europe. 

The initiative took place in Paris, where the Stockholm-based company established its first TaaS (Truck-as-as-Service) hub in Europe. A Design Verification prototype Volta Zero successfully operated on the roads and real distribution environment in Paris as part of the first test phase.

Volta Trucks and DB Schenker formed a partnership in 2021, and subsequently secured the largest order for 1,470 medium-duty electrified trucks in Europe. DB Schenker will use the 16-tonne Volta Zero to transfer goods at its European terminals, carrying them from distribution hubs to city centres and urban areas. Volta Zero will roll out on roads in six countries, including: UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy and the Netherlands at 10 locations. 

Safety is the foremost factor in selecting Volta Zero, as Volta Trucks and DB Schenker will work to expand the potential uses of the technology while benefiting from zero-tailpipe emissions. 

Specific design for safety 

The specifically designed glass house-style driver cabin of Volta Zero is equipped with eight cameras and sensors, providing a 220-degree vision to the driver and eliminating any blind spots. 

Designed for urban logistics, the Volta Zero has a pure-electric range of 150-200 km. It will significantly reduce the CO2 emissions of freight deliveries in city centres, eliminating 1.2 million tonnes of CO2 by 2025. 

DB Schenker plans to add the first pilot vehicles to its European fleet in 2023. Volta Trucks plans to launch four models by 2025 and increase production to 27,000 units the same year. 

Image: Volta Trucks

Authored by: Mufit Yilmaz Gokmen