4 Apr 22

On a journey to an all-electric premium brand by 2030

As its first fully electric model, the Volvo C40 Recharge takes up the role of a true gamechanger. “Building on an edgy design, a zero-emission driveline and innovative hightech, our electric cross-over meets the demands of the most discerning drivers.”

The C40 Recharge breaks convention. With an exclusive 100% electric powertrain this is the first full-fledged model showcasing the future of Volvo Cars. “But we also wanted to create a cross-over with a design that stands out.”, says Emma Berntsson, Head of Commercial at Volvo Cars. Mission accomplished. With a clear-cut presence and a unique market position, “C40 Recharge addresses customers that prioritize passion over rationality.”

But that sleek curved roofline also benefits consumption leading to an electric range of almost 450 kilometres. “Customers quickly discover how ungrounded range anxiety truly is, helped by the intelligent navigation system which tracks and resolves range requirements”, continues Mrs Berntsson. “The quiet, refined and quick responses win over every newcomer to the EV experience.’ No less so for one-pedal driving, making the car progressively braking to a standstill by simply lifting the accelerator.

Pure at heart

The car is smart, too. “All programmable car software can be updated Over The Air”, explains Mrs Berntsson, ‘including our state-of-the-art infotainment running on Google OS. And as a statement of ethical responsibility, the seats are leather-free.” 

While the C40 Recharge is always pure at heart, Volvo offers it in two different specimens: one battery pack with 78kWh and four-wheel drive and another with 69kWh and front-wheel drive.

But the sustainable and forward-thinking nature of the C40 - and XC40 - Recharge is of course
innate in either case.

“A positive contribution to your business image”

Many user-choosers are increasingly looking towards their employers to make measured choices for Fleet vehicles by including more EVs within their car policy lists. “Then, the C40 Recharge makes all the more sense thanks not only to its personality, its handling is also very dynamic. And being zero-emissions, this car positively contributes to a business image in terms of Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR.”, says John Wallace, Director of Global Fleet Volvo Cars.

Volvo’s Care offer highlights those corporate benefits even further, because it includes warranty and servicing at no additional cost.

“Maintenance lies already typically 40% lower compared to an ICE or PHEV, leading to a competitive TCO. But at Volvo, we wanted to give the Fleet owners a truly hassle-free experience. So, there is no additional cost for it”, continues Mr. Wallace.

In a second stage, the Care program will be upgraded with flexible subscriptionbased solutions for Fleet customers who will enjoy extra digital and online support.

Platinum status

Volvo Cars has always been synonymous with safety and will always be at the heart of what we do, it is in our DNA from the beginning of the company in 1927. Sustainability is also central to our company purpose, and as important as safety. Climate action has the highest priority. We recognise that we are part of the problem of global warming. We must be part of the solution.

“To be successful in today’s Fleet business, you need to be clear in what you believe in”, concludes Wallace. “As for sustainability, our company’s Platinum status from independent auditors like Ecovadis, means that Volvo Cars has trustworthy CSR credentials supporting the responsibility goals of forward-thinking Fleet decision-makers.”

For information, you can call +46 31 325 83 77 or email globalfleet@volvocars.com.

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