16 Sep 19

KIA XCEED: the crossover your employees will want

There are SUVs. There are hatchbacks. And then there’s the all-new KIA XCEED, a cleverly packaged crossover that combines attractive coupé features with a raised seating position and nimble handling. And yes, it comes as a plug-in hybrid, too.

Until now, drivers had to choose between a compact, agile hatchback and a bulkier SUV. Not with the Kia XCeed: it hits the sweet spot on many levels, finding the best possible balance in its segment. It addresses the growing desire for cars which offer more emotion and dynamism than an SUV, both in terms of the way a car looks and drives. That does not mean practicality is compromised. Beneath its distinctive and modern design you will find a spacious, versatile body.

Merging the strengths of both hatchback and SUV, the Kia XCeed offers something refreshing and different for European consumers – not least those who have the right to a company car. 

Dynamic and digital refinement

Despite its elevated ride height, the XCeed will be more engaging to drive than a typical family SUV due to its bespoke suspension tuning, more compact exterior dimensions, lower centre of gravity and reduced overall mass. 

Uniquely in the Ceed model line-up, the Kia XCeed features hydraulic rebound stoppers, fitted as standard to the front axle of all models. The rubber bump-stop floats in hydraulic fluid within the shock absorbers, providing a highly compliant ride over poor surfaces – which are not uncommon in Europe.

Inside, the Kia XCeed carries over the contemporary cabin architecture of its Ceed stablemates, with a sculptured centre console oriented slightly towards the driver. A ‘floating’ high-definition touchscreen infotainment system stands proud of the dashboard. Highly ergonomic in its layout and functionality, the screen has been designed to enable drivers to make quick changes to the cabin environment without taking their eyes off the road for any longer than necessary.

Compelling TCO

Keeping the XCeed and its occupants safe and potentially lowering the TCO is a wide range of active driver assist and safety technologies. These include Smart Cruise Control with Stop & Go, Blind-spot Collision Warning, Forward Collision Warning with car and pedestrian detection, Intelligent Speed Limit Warning, Smart Parking Assist, Lane Keeping Assist and High Beam Assist.
The XCeed also comes with a choice of fuel-efficient T-GDi petrol and CRDi diesel engines, which can be combined with a 7-speed dual clutch transmission. A plug-in hybrid model with a targeted electric range of 60 km will be available in early 2020.

Curious how KIA can help electrify your fleet? Contact the KIA Fleet team here.