12 Oct 20

Lynk & Co gives you hassle-free mobility

Lynk & Co offers as much car as you want. You can buy it, sign up for a month-to-month membership or sign up for a free membership and only pay when you borrow a car. It is a risk-free and sustainable approach to ensure total fleet cost flexibility.

Control your TCO

Users can sign up for a month-to-month membership, giving them their own car for up to €500 per month. Cancelling or changing membership can be done at any time with only one month’s notice. Insurance and maintenance are included in the price of the membership, as is access to a carsharing platform.

Alternatively, if you don’t need to have a car of your own, you can sign up for a free membership. This gives you access to cars shared by other members that you pay as you drive.

Lynk & Co offers fleets the perfect business model, giving them total control of their total fleet cost. You never pay for more than you need, and the whole experience is hassle-free.


Hassle-free carsharing is a key perk for members and it’s a sustainable way to reduce the number of individual cars on the road. Members with a car can share their vehicle with friends, colleagues, family or other Lynk & Co members to offset their monthly costs.

Nothing could be simpler to set this up, thanks to the smartphone app that will let users manage bookings, share the car location and send a digital key from their phone or in the car.

Lynk & Co 01

The Lynk & Co 01 is the first model to be available to European customers. It is available with a plug-in hybrid or a hybrid powertrain to help improve fuel economy and reduce emissions, with the PHEV having up to 70km pure electric range.

Black or blue

Befitting a company that sets out to simplify your mobility, Lynk & Co also simplifies configuring your vehicle. Instead of an endless option list, the 01 comes with everything extra already included as standard. This means that the car comes with all the features a driver has come to expect, leaving him only with two choices: the colour (black or blue) and the powertrain (PHEV or HEV).

Designed and engineered in Sweden

The 01 has been designed and engineered by CEVT, the shared Geely and Volvo research and innovation centre based in Gothenburg, Sweden. It is based on the CMA platform that is also underpinning the Volvo XC40.

Join the Lynk & Co club

Lynk & Co won’t open a traditional dealership network. Instead, customers can visit one of the Lynk & Co clubs in key cities across their seven target markets. Clubs are a window to the world of Lynk & Co: places to sip their signature drink, shop, engage with the community and attend members-only events.

The first two clubs will open in Amsterdam and Gothenburg later this year with more locations to be announced in the coming months.

Find out more on the Lynk & Co website