29 Nov 22

Monthly Review November 2022 - new car models

Stay up to speed with Fleet Europe’s Monthly Review featuring new car and van models that will hit your fleet shortlist soon. Last November, zero-emission executive SUVs took the spotlights. Together with an unexpected newcomer showcasing the future of sustainable mobility.

TOYOTA - Prius

Once an ecological pioneer, momentum slowed down for the aerodynamic yet futuristic-looking Toyota Prius with the rise of BEVs. The fifth generation stands its ground with shorter dimensions but an impressively bigger battery pack of 13.6 kWh, double the power of the outgoing generation, and an electric range of up to 75 kms. It has become exclusively available as a plug-in hybrid. But incentives for PHEVs are drying up, 





AUDI - Q8 E-Tron

A new name, not a new car. As one of the first electric SUVs on the market, Audi's rechristening of the E-Tron shows where priorities currently lie. The standard battery pack has outgrown the biggest one on the previous top model, with a minimum range boosted from 300 to 480 kms. The new top version reaches 580 kms. Charging capability has been increased to cope. Still available as a sportier performing S and a sportier looking Sportback. 






Volvo's first purpose-built electric vehicle represents a new chapter in the brand's history. Equipped with a lidar sensor for precise semi-automated driving, it's poised to be the safest car the brand from Gothenburg ever built. The minimalistic Scandinavian living room created on the inside oozes sustainability with recycled materials. The battery pack (107kWh) supports bidirectional charging and peak charging at 250kW (0-80% SoC: 30 mins). Read our full story here.






FORD - E-Tourneo Custom

This is the MPV version of the previously unveiled E-Transit Custom. With a 74kWh battery pack, a range of 370kms, and an impressive towing capacity of 2 tonnes, the technical specifications haven't changed. But on the inside, the flexible interior is upgraded with a second and a third row, seating eight persons in total. To meet different corporate needs, it's still available in diesel and petrol versions as well.




LUCID - Gravity

Lucid will be more a fleet option for executives in SMEs. Its new SUV Gravity builds on the mechanical underpinnings of the Air sedan, sharing its battery pack of 112kWh and astonishing power of 1,200hp. Range will be less due to the reduced aerodynamics from the bulkier package. Lucid, who opened its second European store in Geneva last month, won't be making it available before 2024 though.   




LIUX - Animal 

Okay, you won’t see this one in fleets sooner than 2024 - if at all. But the Animal from Spanish startup Liux indicates where things are headed. According to its maker, this is the world's first vegetal car in the world: the interior, suspension, and body panels are all made from biopolymers based on flax and resins. The Animal, spawned from a 3D printer, uses a quarter fewer parts than a conventional car and needs 70% less energy to produce. ESG targets, anyone?

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Images: Toyota/Audi/Volvo/Ford/Lucid/Liux

Authored by: Piet Andries