31 Oct 22

Monthly Review October 2022 - new car models

Stay up to speed with Fleet Europe’s Monthly Review featuring new car and van models that will hit your fleet shortlist soon. Last October, the Paris Motorshow yielded the floor to some eye-catching newcomers from Europe and Asia. And there’s something for executives too!

DACIA - Jogger Hybrid

Dacia's first-ever hybrid debuts in the still-new Jogger. The spacious but affordable MPV combines a 1.6-petrol with a small battery of 1.2 kWh - it's not a plug-in. This is the drive line from the Clio E-Tech. As for CO2 figures and consumption, we have to wait until the launch scheduled for the beginning of 2023. In its slipstream arrives a new brand logo and a dealership overhaul focusing on an interior design with eco-friendly materials.

RENAULT - Kangoo E-Tech Electric

You've seen this all-electric Kangoo already in its LCV guise, but Renault is now also marketing a passenger car version. The numbers don't change much. The 44kWh battery pack serves up a range of 285 kilometres, and peak AC-charging is performed at 11kW with 22kW as an option. At a DC-charging station, the maximum is 80kW, which suffices because of the modesty of cell pack. Compared to the ICE model, some of the practicality is lost because of the battery in the floor pan.


Fleet managers will covet this all-electric SUV version of the EQE but must remain patient until late spring 2023. There is rear- and all-wheel drive, performance AMG models, while the WLTP range of the base version, EQE 350+, reaches 590 kilometres. Over-the-air updates handle car and battery management, and a Mercedes me charging subscription is available. With peak DC-charging at 170kW, this is very much a shrunken and more dynamic EQS SUV, but as a five-seater for two passengers less.


Don't be mistaken. Polestar's first SUV is a highline contender challenging the German premium brands and the likes of the simultaneously introduced EQE SUV. With 111kWh it features the largest battery pack for the brand this far - and in its class - capable of a range of 610 kilometres. It introduces the latest version of the Android Automotive operating system, has OTA updates as standard and will be offered in a Long Range and Performance version. It shares its underpinnings with the soon-to-be-revealed Volvo EX90.

ORA - Funky Cat Saloon

Ora's Funky Cat has the Tesla Model 3 in its sights. This saloon version arrives next year in Europe, featuring two battery sizes, of which the biggest one reaches 700 kilometres (according to the optimistic Chinese cycle). Ora says this will be their flagship model.


Not a new model but a further expansion of Opel's refreshed GSe label aiming at a more sporty take on its plug-in hybrid drivelines. As such, this compact cross-over interestingly mates 300 hp to a consumption of 1,3 l/100 km or CO2 emissions between 29-31 g/km. Unless your fleet drivers are so hasty, they forget to branch it...   

LOTUS - Eletre

Okay, this is for bigger fleet budgets or executives. But it can be taken for granted that the first all-electric Lotus, with its SUV bodywork, has the management of successful SMEs in its sights. The base model's price will compete with higher-specced versions of the already mentioned Polestar 3 and Mercedes EQE SUV. The 112kWh battery can fast-charge (20-80%) in 20 minutes and the comfy interior, with high-tech multimedia, is anything but Spartan. Comes equipped with lidar technology, promising a high degree of semi-autonomous driving.

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Images Source: Dacia/Renault/Mercedes/Polestar/Ora/Opel/Lotus

Authored by: Piet Andries