5 Mar 20

The new Fiat 500 is all-electric with 320km range

Its looks are merely an evolution of the old model, but the third-generation Fiat 500 is quite revolutionary: it is only available as a fully electric vehicle, promising a range of around 320km.

The front has been redesigned significantly, with the bonnet line now splitting the round headlights into two and continuing along the side of the vehicle in a chrome line.

The taillights have also been redesigned and they have lost the body-coloured panel in the middle. In all, this new model is 6cm wider and it has 2cm more between the wheels.

The Fiat 500 promises a WLTP range of 320km, thanks to the 42kWh-batteries, outperforming both the Honda e and the electric Mini. It has an 85kW fast charger that can give you sufficient power to travel 50km in just 5 minutes. Charging to 80% takes 35 minutes.

The 500 has three driving modes: Normal, Range and Sherpa. Here’s how Fiat describes the Sherpa mode in its press release: “Just like a Himalayan Sherpa, who is in charge of the whole expedition and guides it to the destination, this driving mode adjusts various parameters: maximum speed, limited to 50mph; accelerator response, in order to reduce energy consumption; and deactivation of the climate control system and heated seats.”

Under EU law, all EVs most produce some kind of sound at low speeds to warn pedestrians and of their presence. Fiat didn’t go for a spaceshipesque sound like most carmakers. Instead, the 500 will play the music of Amarcord by Nino Rota at speeds under 20km/h. “An example of the most authentic Italian creativity,” according to Fiat.

The launch model - appropriately called La Prima - can be yours for around €37,500, substantially more than a petrol 500 but it will also move upmarket in terms of equipment. Regular production models will be cheaper but pricing has not yet been announced.

If for whatever reason you’d prefer a (mild hybrid) petrol version, you can still order a second-generation 500, which will remain on sale for some time. No word on how long that will be, though.

Image copyright: Fiat

Authored by: Benjamin Uyttebroeck