8 Dec 21

Next XC90 will slot between a station wagon and an SUV

Volvo’s futuristic Recharge Concept will spawn into a production version in 2022 as the next-gen XC90. It will be available in an all-electric version, but will still be offered in combination with conventional combustion engines from mild to plug-in hybrids, but not diesel.

Samuel Håkansson, the company CEO, has already confirmed that the third generation technology of the XC90 is the last with ICE engines, but its career will span the rest of this decade.

A mixed powertrain platform (SPA2) will be used, which is a development from the current one, in two different forms. In typical skateboard-style the pure-electric versions place their four wheels in the corners with a flat floor, freeing up as much space as possible. The hybrid versions lose some of that practical room. The debuting new architecture will also be shared with other Volvo’s.

Previously, a sturdy big SUV the new XC90 adopts the look of an inflated station wagon, just as the Recharge Concept forecasts. It wants to attract customers from both worlds. A “less-is-more” approach will define the interior, with classy but eco-friendly materials and the integration of Google Android Automotive. 

The XC90 is the third best-selling Volvo worldwide, after the XC60 and XC40.

Authored by: Piet Andries