27 Feb 20

PHEV insights: all you need to know about plug-in hybrids in one spot

There is no denying: 2020 is the year of the plug-in hybrid. The OEMs that didn't already offer them are now pulling out all the stops to electrify their line-up. The main reason behind this mass electrification wave in Europe is the 95g/km target. PHEVs are the easiest way for car makers to get their average emissions down: you can start from an existing model and do not have to invest massive amounts to adapt the production apparatus.

OEMs promote their PHEVs as products that offer the best of both worlds: electric emission-free driving for the daily commute and sufficient range when longer distances need to be travelled. Moreover, employees who enjoy the benefit of a company car are wooed by the driving fun offered by the combined output of e-motor and engine while receiving a reward for their choice in the shape of a lower Benefit in Kind.

The vehicle owner or lessee also enjoys tax benefits in many countries when they choose a PHEV, partially offsetting the higher list price. Plug-in hybrids help them to reach their CO2 target, too. But there are a few question marks around the actual TCO, which mainly depends on the way the vehicle is used, i.e. how many times it is charged.

In this series of articles called PHEV Insights, we have gathered answers to these and other plug-in hybrid topics that are on the fleet manager's mind. Our editorial team has listened to our Fleet Europe community to bring the information you need to make informed decisions - all in one spot: right here. So come back regularly to check for the latest additions to our series.

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Authored by: Dieter Quartier