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4 Sep 19

Porsche Taycan revealed: 450km of range, 100km in 5 minutes

The premium German carmaker has just revealed the Tesla-challenging Taycan simultaneously at three “renewable energy” locations in the world, thereby underlining its dedication to sustainable e-mobility and carbon-neutral manufacturing. That does not mean performance comes second. It’s a Porsche, after all.

These are the specs Porsche already disclosed:

  • 0-100kph in 2.8 seconds (Turbo S model)
  • 560kW peak power (Turbo S model)
  • Up to 1,050Nm of torque (Turbo S model)
  • 93.4kWh battery
  • WLTP range of 450km (Turbo model)
  • Up to 265kW brake energy recuperation
  • DC fast charging at 270kW so 5 mins = 100km added
  • 2 permanent synchronous motors
  • 2-speed transmission
  • Cd 0.22, a class-leadingly low coefficient of drag and hence low aerodynamic resistance

The Taycan also enters the world of hyper-connectivity with its entirely digital dashboard. If you're into veganism, you can even order your Taycan 100% leather free. 

Considering the undoubtedly high residual values of the Taycan, the model is likely to offer a compelling TCO. Initially, only the Turbo and Turbo S will be available, for which you need to set aside €130,000 and €158,000 respectively. That's excluding VAT. The entry-level model would be 'less than €100k", but given the high number of pre-orders and the limited production capacity in 2020, don't expect this version to arrive soon.

If it fits in your budget, you are faced with three challenges. First: getting your hands on one. Second: convincing the board that this Porsche does not convey an unwanted image. Third: convincing yourself that 450km of range is enough. Porsche already said it will be continuously improving the battery to get more range out of it, incidentally.

Fleet Europe will bring you more news on the Taycan next week from the IAA, aka the Frankfurt Motor Show.


Authored by: Dieter Quartier