14 Oct 20

Relive our webinar: 2020-2021 EVs ready for your fleet

From scarcity just one lease cycle ago, there will be an abundance of (PH)EVs available in the coming months. What can you expect for your fleet and what will the market look like next year? Find out in the recording of this webinar.

This deep-dive webinar is part of the Virtual Fleet Week, a Fleet Europe initiative held from Monday 12 October until Friday 16 October.

Electrified vehicles are moving into the mainstream as battery costs are coming down and OEMs need to reach their CO2 targets. At the same time, employees are concerned with their own carbon footprint and eager to make the switch. The time has come to prepare for mass EV adoption in your company.
What can you expect in terms of fleet models? How has technology, price and range evolved? When will EVs reach cost parity with ICE so that the TCO is a no-brainer? Find the answers to these questions in the recording of this webinar.

  • Dieter Quartier, Fleet Europe’s New Energies specialist, moderates the webinar and kicks off with a presentation of EV and PHEV evolution, highlighting their current and future market positioning.
  • Next up is Thomas Chretien, Chief Marketing Manager Nissan Ariya at Nissan Europe, who takes us on a compelling e-journey that started 10 years ago with the Leaf and is propelled into the future with the upcoming Ariya.
  • Finally, Bart Massin, CEO of EV services provider Stroohm will give an insight in the cost and technology evolution of batteries and the expected TCO parity between ICEs and EVs.
Authored by: Steven Schoefs