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15 Oct 20

Relive our webinar: Get the right infrastructure for your EV fleet

Fuelling a petrol or diesel car is familiar and easy but if you’re new to e-mobility, charging your EV is neither. Watch this recorded webinar and find out what charging solutions can make for efficient EV charging.

This deep-dive webinar is part of the Virtual Fleet Week, a Fleet Europe initiative held from Monday 12 October until Friday 16 October.

The bewildering variety of charging solutions and speeds, not to mention all those connector cables, might be what’s putting you off to add electric vehicles to your fleet. So, high time to get a few things straight. In this webinar, supported by ALD Automotive, you get insights in the charging infrastructure development and solutions for efficient EV charging.

Experts from ALD Automotive and fleet and mobility leaders give an overview of how you can tackle the charging challenge, including:

  • Density per country
  • Type of infrastructure: public, private, fast charging,…
  • Type of charging suppliers
  • Cost of charging

Meet the following experts in this webinar: 

  • Moderated by Steven Schoefs, Editor-in-Chief, Fleet Europe
  • Presentation by Dieter Quartier, Fleet Europe, on the charging infrastructure situation and evolution in Europe
  • Fer Derwort, European Fleet Manager of Infor
  • Andre ten Bloemendal, Vice President of Sales Europe, ChargePoint
  • Benjamin Huvé, Senior International Consultant, ALD Automotive
Authored by: Benjamin Uyttebroeck