19 Jul 20

Shell Fleet Solutions partners with TMC

Fuel management specialist TMC has partnered with Shell Fleet Solutions to provide fleets with a complete fuel solution.

Fleet customers will be able to access over 3,800 Shell and partner sites for fuel and electric vehicle charging, fix pump prices or negotiate a discount per litre, and track mileage across Europe and the UK.

Drivers will be able to use the TMC Mileage Track app to find their nearest Shell filling station, and will be able to collect Shell Go+ points to reward them for using the Shell network. The app also lets drivers record business and private journeys for their expense claims.

Paul Hollick, managing director of TMC, said business customers will gain: “Increased visibility, reduced costs and a fully optimised fuel programme. The partnership will drive real benefit and savings for clients, both in the short and long term.”

TMC audits every business trip and mileage claim to ensure that it complies with companies’ policies, and if it identifies any anomalies these are raised directly with the driver or line manager. follow up directly with the driver or line manager. TMC will also produce a range of reports for fleet managers to analyse fuel spend and general fleet performance.

Sarah Llewelyn, UK sales manager, Shell Fleet Solutions said the new fuel management solution: “Offers increased visibility, productivity and security for businesses, and adds to our comprehensive product offering, including telematics, European tolling, EV-enabled cards and carbon offsetting.”


Image: Ed Robinson/OneRedEye, Shell

Authored by: Jonathan Manning