8 Oct 19

Support for EVs “surges”

More than 6 out of 10 Europeans now have a favourable view of electric vehicles (EVs). Nearly half said their attitudes towards EVs had improved over the past three years, according to the Mobility Monitor 2019. 

The Mobility Monitor is an annual survey by LeasePlan and polling specialists Ipsos. Fo this year’s Monitor, 4,000 people in 16 countries were asked about today’s big issues in mobility. Here are some striking results from the EV and Sustainability section of the Monitor, which was released this week. 

Leasing EVs

  • Nearly half of those surveyed said their opinion of EVs had improved considerably over the past three years.
  • That “surge” in positive attitude means 61% of respondents now view zero-emission electric driving favourably. 
  • Positive attitudes translate into good intentions: of those planning to lease a car in the next five years, 40% say they will pick an EV – a significant increase. 
  • Those surveyed recognise the positive aspects of EVs: they’re lowering CO2 emissions (60% of those planning to go electric in the next five years acknowledge); they help improve air quality in urban areas (43%) and – not unimportantly – have a lower running cost (60%). 

Infrastructure concerns

  • Despite the optimism, worries remain. Especially about infrastructure: 51% of those planning to lease an EV in the next five years said lack of charging stations prevented them from choosing one now. Limited driving range (so-called ‘range anxiety’) was a reason for 45% not to go electric now. 
  • More than 6 out of 10 respondents in Italy, Spain and the UK said a lack of charging stations would make them change their mind about leasing an EV in the next five years. 
  • 80% of respondents who said they wouldn’t go electric said lack of charging stations was a concern, but less than 50% maintained that concern when it came to charging at work. 

“Our Mobility Monitor shows public demand for zero-emission mobility far outpaces the available infrastructure. We need to fix this – now,” says Tex Gunning, LeasePlan CEO. He called on the European Commission, national governments and local authorities to step up and invest in charging infrastructure. 

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Authored by: Frank Jacobs