8 Aug 19

Top 10 cheapest EVs ranked by euro per mile of range

Battery-electric vehicles come in many sizes, shapes and prices. Especially the size of the battery pack and hence the range determines the weight of their price tag - a VW e-Up costs a bit over €20,000 excluding VAT and gives you 133km of WLTP range, a Tesla Model S Long Range can drive 610km on a single charge and can be yours for roughly €72,500 excluding VAT.

The question that boggled our mind was which would be the EV with the best price to range ratio. It would have been interesting to look at it from a TCO perspective (total cost of ownership), but the variation between the different European countries is too great to draw any conclusion; there are subsidies, tax exemptions and other fiscal advantages on one side and strong or less strong residual values on the other. 

We based our top 10 on the Belgian list prices excluding VAT (Belgium is a central market with prices close to the European average), which we devided by the WLTP range of the model. This is what our top 10 looks like:

Ranking Model WLTP range (km) List price excl. VAT (€) € per km
1 Opel Corsa-E 330 25200 76
2 Kia eNiro 64kWh


35700 78
3 Peugeot e-208 340 27000 79
4 Hyundai Kona 64kWh 449 37100 83
5 Tesla Model 3 Long Range Dual Motor 560 48200 86
6 Renault Zoé R90 317 27900 88
7 Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus 415 39500 95
8 Nissan Leaf e+ 385 37200 97
9 Kia eNiro 39kWh 289 31150 108
10 Hyundai Kona 39kWh 289 31400 109


The top 4 consists of B-segment cars with big batteries. The first Tesla in the top 10 is the Long Range Model 3. Interestingly, if a model is available with two battery pack sizes, the bigger pack always turns out to be cheaper, relatively speaking.

This top 10 is likely to be shaken up with the arrival of the VW ID3 and the revamped Renault Zoé, prices of which have yet to be confirmed.

For an updated top 10 (3 April 2020) click here

Authored by: Dieter Quartier