7 Oct 20

Virtual Fleet Week, for your electric eyes only

2020 is the year to start electrifying your fleet. Fleet Europe wants to help you overcome the obstacles to do that by holding a Virtual Fleet Week from Monday 12 until Friday 16 October, dedicated entirely to fleet electrification.

For many years, the push for electrification has been accelerating, steered by legislative and governmental pressure, climate change, health awareness, the rising importance of CSR and expectations of new employees regarding efficient and emission-friendly mobility solutions.

The current COVID-19 pandemic which has a direct impact on health and safety and has stimulated a more conscious mobility pattern with reduced transportation/miles and home working is also impacting the search for fleet electrification.

This is why we are going 100% Electric and Connected in this first ever Fleet Europe Fleet Week. Have a look at the full programme below.

Learning webinar: the 2020-2021 EVs ready for your fleet

Monday, 12 October, 3pm CET - Register for this webinar

This webinar will give a full overview of all new models entering the market this year and next year, detailing the new technology they will have on board.

Driven by EU carbon reduction policy, OEMs are spawning electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles as if their future depends on it. Actually, it does. And the expanding offer makes it easier for the fleet manager to introduce EVs.

In this Learning Webinar you will discover the new models fit for your EV fleet, with insight into the evolution of the battery cost and the TCO parity between ICE and EV.

  • Moderated by Dieter Quartier of Fleet Europe
  • Presentation of the evolution of different EV powertrains (BEV; PHEV Hybrid) and current and future market positioning
  • View on the EV offer and new EV models
  • With Thomas Chretien, Chief Marketing Manager Nissan Ariya at Nissan Europe with presentation of Nissan Leaf and Nissan Ariya
  • Interview with Frost & Sullivan on battery cost evolution and TCO parity between ICEs and EVs
  • Q&A

This webinar is sponsored by Nissan Europe.

Deep dive Webinar: Electric cars expensive? Never judge by first appearance, go TCO

Tuesday 13 October, 3pm CET - Register for this webinar

The list price of an electric vehicle is in many cases higher than the price of its ICE brother. But cost-wise you will see that the picture has a slightly different colour and will change even more over time. In this webinar, you will get insights into the TCO set-up of an electric car and the TCO-comparison between EVs and ICEs. Tackling the challenges of your fleet electrification future is a process and TCO is a key tactical driver in this.

  • TCO in action between powertrains and countries
  • Deep dives on individual attention points linked to the two “hot” technologies of the moment
  • PHEV: charging vs fueling
  • BEV: home vs office vs public charging slow vs public fast
  • Expert Speakers:
    • Pieter Goossens – Manager Global Business Development
    • Thor Konings – International Account Director
    • Maarten Weijenberg - International Account Director

This webinar is sponsored by Athlon International.

Virtual Fleet launch: Polestar

Wednesday, 14 October, online from 10am CET - Visit this website on 14 October to attend this virtual fleet launch

Discover how the Polestar 2 could support your fleet management strategy.

Learning Webinar: the right infrastructure for your EV fleet

Wednesday 14 October, 3pm CET - Register for this webinar

Fuelling a petrol or diesel car is familiar and easy. If you’re new to e-mobility, charging your EV is neither. In fact, the bewildering variety of charging solutions and speeds, not to mention all those connector cables, might be what’s putting you off. So, high time to get a few things straight. In this webinar, supported by ALD Automotive, you will get insight in the charging infrastructure development and solutions for efficient EV charging.

  • Moderated by Steven Schoefs, Editor-in-Chief, Fleet Europe
  • Presentation by Dieter Quartier, Fleet Europe on the charging infrastructure situation and evolution in Europe
    • Density per country
    • Type of infrastructure: public, private, fast charging,…
    • Type of charging suppliers
    • Cost of charging
  • Ensuring the right infrastructure for efficient EV use by Benjamin Huvé, Senior International Consultant, ALD Automotive and Andre ten Bloemendal, Vice President of Sales Europe, ChargePoint
  • Interview with Fer Derwort, European Fleet Manager of Infor about charging best practice and challenges in a corporate environment

This webinar is sponsored by ALD Automotive.

Deep dive Webinar: Fleet security & efficiency standards: how innovative solutions can help the mobility sector

Thursday 15 October, 3pm CET - Register for this webinar

To guide the future of fleet and mobility management, innovation will be key. In this webinar, you will discover how Octo is deploying innovation to serve and help fleet and mobility customers in the New Normal.

Until now IoT was considered as an improvement in our lives. Today Internet of Things is actually saving our lives. From a cheaper and seamless sharing experience to complex fleet solutions, sanitisation processes, let’s discuss together “the future” we are already living in and how the wide range of Octo solutions can support a smoother integration of these technologies and improve safety.

Presented by Cory O’Brien, Stream Leader OEM at Octo.

This webinar is sponsored by Octo.

Virtual Fleet launch: Lynk & Co

Friday 16 October, online from 10am CET - Visit this website on 16 October to attend this virtual fleet launch

Find out how Lynk & Co wants to change the future of European mobility.

Learning Webinar: the road map to implement your EV fleet

Friday 16 October, 3pm CET - Register for this webinar

Theory is one, practice is another. In this webinar, you will hear from an international fleet manager how to electrify your fleet. Step by step we will take you through the fleet electrification journey, from management and stakeholder engagement to monitoring your EV fleet and addressing other e-mobility solutions.

  • Moderated by Steven Schoefs of Fleet Europe
  • Best practice Interview presentation with a corporate fleet manager about the key steps for fleet electrification
    • Step 1: Convince your management and stakeholders
    • Step 2 - Profile your employee base
    • Step 3: Determine the cost-efficiency of your EV fleet
    • Step 4: Select the right EV powertrains and vehicles
    • Step 5: Smartcharging your EV fleet
    • Step 6: Successfully monitoring and managing your EV fleet
    • Step 7: Dare to electrify beyond the car
  • EV implementation and monitoring made easy – presentation by Taco van der Leij, Vice President Webfleet Solutions Europe – presentation max 10 minutes

This webinar is sponsored by Webfleet Solutions.

Authored by: Benjamin Uyttebroeck