2 May 23

Visit Mercedes-Benz Factory 56 in our new Fleet Reveal

Car manufacturers care about the future. They are continuously looking to maximise the sustainability of their products and operations.

It’s not only about environmentally friendly, zero-emission and electrified models and powertrains, they keep a keen focus on their efforts to reduce the energy consumption in their supply chain while investing in renewables. Mercedes is one of the trailblazers, Factory 56 its current signboard. 

One of the smartest and most advanced car production plants in the world can be found in Sindelfingen, Germany: Factory 56 of Mercedes-Benz. It opened in 2020 as the blueprint for all future vehicle assembly halls within the Mercedes-Benz ecosystem. 

The combination of full sustainability - out-and-out carbon-free activities - and maximum flexibility is what makes Factory 56 so innovative and exemplary. Capable of assembling cars of different designs and powertrains - from conventional to all-electric - the site features an enhanced digital infrastructure for interconnected and optimal production control.  

Did you know that Factory 56 has…

  • an overall ground area corresponding to 30 soccer pitches
  • 12,000 photovoltaic modules on the roof
  • plants on approximately 40% of the roof area
  • a total energy requirement that is 25% lower than that of other assembly facilities

Discover all of the smart thinking behind Factory 56, and what this means for your fleet and your strategy, in our latest Fleet Reveal video above.