10 Sep 19

VW ID3 “Beware, this is the car your employees will want”

Once in a while, a revolutionary car is born. In most cases its maker does not realise its new product will cause a societal commotion. As for the electric ID3, Volkswagen seems very confident: it will have the same impact as the Beetle in the 50/60s and the Golf in the 70/80s, hence the number three in its name.

To make EVs work, they have to offer sufficient range at a price that is comparable to that of a combustion engine vehicle. “Sufficient” of course is a subjective concept, and that is why VW will be offering three battery pack sizes, with real-life ranges varying between 300 and 550km. As to the prices: they should start below €25,000 excluding VAT, with the top model selling at around €40,000 excluding VAT.

Fleet Europe spoke to Silke Bagschik, Head of Marketing model line e-Mobility at VW AG, who is very happy to finally see the product out there. “The initial response has been great, with an overwhelming amount of pre-orders. It goes to show that the model is in demand, so beware: this is a car your employees will want! Make sure you integrate it in your car policy. In the end, the TCO will be lower too, which is of course what fleets are looking for.”

Buying an EV is one thing, charging it another. “We have developed a special toolkit for fleets looking to go for electric. That includes consultancy on the charging side, with out subsidiary Elli. It’s about profiling your drivers, matching them with the right EV, analysing the charging systems you need, providing easy payment solutions, and so on.”

The million-dollar question is of course: Will VW be able to build enough of them. “I hope not!” replied Mrs Bagschik with a cheeky smile. The production of the car starts in November, with the first deliveries taking place by the second quartier of 2020.  

The video interview will be available next week so check our website regularly.




Authored by: Dieter Quartier