24 Sep 23

“We want to see innovative and imaginative approaches”

Kia is one of the sponsors of the Fleet Europe Awards, which will be handed out at the Fleet Europe Days (22-23 November, Lisbon). At the gala event, Carlos Lahoz, VP Sales, Channel and OX, will present the Green Fleet Manager of the Year award to the lucky winner. Here, Mark Howlett (pictured), Kia's Head of Sales Strategy and Corporate Sales, explains why the event, and sustainability in general, is important to Kia. 

The list of speakers, experts and attendees for the 2023 Fleet Europe Days keeps growing. If you want to know why you should attend, check out the programme. And get your ticket! 

Decarbonization is top of the agenda for everyone, including fleets. How is that impacting the sector?

“As a species, we need to reduce our carbon emissions to mitigate the environmental impact of climate change. In fleets, that drive to decarbonize translates as a shift towards electrification. Electric vehicles (EVs) come in different types: hybrid-electric vehicles (HEVs), plug-in electric vehicles (PHEVs), and battery-electric vehicles (BEVs).”

“The key challenge for fleets is to understand the readiness of each market to transition to EVs. There is significant variation across European countries and regions, which means that it’s crucial for fleets in each of those countries and regions to select and adopt the car policy that is best adapted to those circumstances.”

“The benefits of doing so are apparent: you save on tax, you reduce the adverse environmental impact of your operations, and by implementing advanced technology, you can reduce the range anxiety that is often still associated with switching from combustion-engine vehicles to EVs.”

How does Kia respond to your customers’ increasing demands for sustainability? 

“Kia’s vision to offer sustainable mobility solutions to our customers translates into a firm commitment: to achieve carbon neutrality by 2045, via a three-pronged approach: Sustainable Mobility, Sustainable Energy, and a Sustainable Planet.”

“We have a diverse model lineup, encompassing nearly every segment and featuring various powertrains. We are making good progress towards an all-electric future, with 11 EVs in the market by 2026. However, we are also mindful of markets that are less advanced in terms of electrification, and will support the transition to greener mobility with alternative technologies.”

“As part of our Sustainable Mobility strategy, we will introduce so-called PBVs – short for purpose-built vehicles – to the market by 2025. These will be fully electric alternatives for light commercial vehicles, and they will help fleet managers in their efforts to reduce their CO2 emissions.”

You’re on the jury for this year’s Fleet Awards. What are you looking for from the candidates, especially with regard to decarbonization and sustainability?

“We’re eagerly looking forward to seeing innovative and imaginative approaches. We want to see how fleet managers are driving forward the electrification process, and how they’re devising solutions that meet the mobility requirements of their drivers.” 

“We want to know how they’re overcoming the challenges that relate to transitioning to a more sustainable fleet, including aspects like charging infrastructure, mobility alternatives, and car policy selection. We’re confident that the candidates will pleasantly surprise us with their projects!”

Get your ticket for the Fleet Europe Days (22-23 November, Lisbon). You’ll have lots of opportunities to learn from and discuss with experts, and to network with peers and prospects. The event concludes with the Fleet Europe Awards, a festive gala event.

Image: Fleet Europe