3 Sep 20

Why e-LCVs will become the New Normal

If you operate a fleet of LCVs, now is the time to transition to zero-emission models, argues a new LeasePlan whitepaper. Here’s why you should swap your white van for a ‘green’ one.

Until a few years ago, electric vans were like unicorns: considered too improbable to exist, and thus disregarded. That’s all changed. In fact, a bunch of factors is converging that will make the e-LCV the New Normal in the delivery industry.

More and more cities across Europe are inaugurating low-emission zones (LEZs). This is amplifying the CSR-driven efforts by fleets to reduce their carbon footprint.

OEMs are introducing an ever-wider range of midsize to large e-LCVs (such as the Mercedes eVito and eSprinter) as an ideal fit for the new priorities of last-mile deliverers (i.e. total possible cargo over maximum payload). 

Most new e-LCVs have a range from 160 km, some up to 270 km. That is more than enough for most daily urban delivery routes, if the vans can return to a depot for overnight charging.

Total Cost of Ownership for e-LCVs is increasingly competitive, thanks to OEMs’ efforts to develop dedicated electric models, rather than reconfigure older diesel vans. Additional cost factors in favour of e-LCVs: falling battery prices, widespread tax credits and purchase incentives. 

Seven reasons
In summary, the whitepaper sums up seven reasons why LCV fleets should go electric now:
1.    Sustainability: the pressure on businesses to reduce emissions is increasing.
2.    Business Continuity: because WLTP & Low Emission Zones are coming.
3.    Range: the range of e-LCVs is increasing.
4.    Availability: e-LCVs are becoming more available.
5.    Costs: although investment is still more expensive than ICEs, operational costs are lower.
6.    Driver Satisfaction: drivers of EVs are more satisfied.
7.    Taxation & Grants: drivers pay less tax, and government grants are available in some markets.

“E-LCVs are a great way to meet the growing demand for online shopping and delivery services, without sacrificing air quality in our towns and cities,” says Tex Gunning, LeasePlan CEO. “Our research shows there’s now no more excuse not to make zero-emission deliveries the New Normal.”

For more on the advantages of e-LCVs, check out the LeasePlan whitepaper here.

Image: Shutterstock

Authored by: Frank Jacobs