26 Mar 19

Wireless charging in Oslo? Yes, you cab.

The Norwegian capital is set to become the first place on Earth where electric taxis can charge without having to use a cable. The City of Oslo is working together with Fortum and Momentum Dynamics to install a wireless fast-charging infrastructure for taxis.

Charging plates, which use induction technology to deliver a charge of up to 75 kW, will be integrated in taxi parking spaces. The wireless chargers allow drivers to fill up while they are waiting for passengers at busy pickup points. The induction will start automatically when a cab positions itself over the charging plate.

The greatest hurdle in electrifying a taxi fleet has proved to be the infrastructure: It is too time consuming for taxi drivers to find a charger, plug in and then wait for the car to charge, says Fortum. The wireless fast-charging project aims to solve these issues and thereby reduce climate emissions from the taxi sector.

“This allows the taxis to charge in a place where they would anyway be waiting for new customers. The difference is that they won’t be emitting exhaust while waiting, instead they will be receiving renewable energy to charge the taxi's battery," says Annika Hoffner, Head of Fortum Charge & Drive.

Electric only from 2023

Today, Oslo's taxi fleet comprises quite a lot of diesel-powered cars, many of them with a three-pointed star on their nose. These will become a rare sight in the coming years. By 2023, only full-electric cabs will be allowed to enter Oslo’s taxi fleet.

"The future is electric, and it is already here, right now. Wireless charging is a potential game changer. From 2023 onward, all taxis in Oslo will be zero emission,” says Sture Portvik, the City of Oslo's Electro Mobility Manager.

“Together with the taxi industry we will make sure that the shift is as user friendly and efficient as possible. Oslo will always be at the front of innovation and we are delighted to join forces with two of the industry's most progressive players in this game-changing move to launch the world's most ambitious plan for wireless charging of a taxi fleet."


Authored by: Dieter Quartier