21 Sep 20

Zap-Map targets fleet and international markets

The UK’s most popular app for electric vehicle drivers has launched a new payment service, and has a fleet offer and international expansion in the pipeline.

Zap-Map is the country’s leading mapping service for EV charge points, with more than 120,000 registered drivers of plug-in vehicles (the UK has around 140,000 pure-EVs on the road).

The company’s new service, called Zap-Pay, will allow EV drivers to use a single app to pay for charging across different participating networks.

Simplifying life for EV drivers

Ben Lane, CTO and joint managing director at Zap-Map, said there are presently more than 70 charge point operator (CPO) networks in the UK, effectively forcing drivers to carry multiple charge cards or apps to ensure access to recharging stations nationwide.

“More people than ever are buying an EV, but providing a seamless charging experience is essential to accelerate this shift,” he said. “No one should need dozens of accounts, apps and cards to charge their car. With one simple app, drivers can now simply plug in and, with a few taps on the screen, the app manages the rest.”

Zap-Pay lets drivers securely upload their own credit or debit card details to the app.

First CPOs join Zap-Pay

Engenie, the UK-wide charging network with more than 150 rapid chargers, is the first network available on Zap-Pay, with other CPOs, including ESB EV Solutions, LiFe and Hubsta set to follow later this year, and more planned for  2021. Charging tariffs will be on a simple pay-as-you-go basis.

Fleet and international plans

Zap-Pay already provides live status updates on charge points, driver charging history and VAT receipts, and will add fleet-specific functions early next year, including invoice consolidation and the option to track a journey as business or private for mileage capture.

“Our fleet offering will also allow drivers to view fleet-owned charging locations within the app alongside those on the public network to maximise operational capabilities” said Lane.

Authored by: Jonathan Manning