9 Jul 19

France expands subsidies for charging stations

France is expanding Advenir, a programme launched in 2016 to subsidise charging points for electric vehicles (EVs). To date, the programme has co-financed more than 7,300 new charging points. From now on, private EV charging points will also be subsidised. 

Specifically, Advenir now also subsidises up to 50% of the cost of installing charging points at condominiums. The programme targets the creation of charging facilities at 3,000 condos by 2022. 

Additionally, subsidies will increase for municipalities installing charging infrastructure at the request of EV drivers, within a 500-m radius of their work or home. To date, Advenir financed up to 40%, with a maximum of €1,860 per charging point. That limit will now be increased by €300 to €2,160.

The French government is freeing up €16 million for both measures.  

Currently, there are 230,000 BEVs and PHEVs on the road in France, and a total of 28,000 charging points. In May 2018, French car manufacturers and the French government set as target for 2022 to have 600,000 BEVs and 400,000 PHEVs on the road, and have 100,000 charging stations available.

A recent survey shows half of all Frenchmen living in an apartment could see themselves driving an EV – provided they can charge it at home.  


Authored by: Frank Jacobs