5 Apr 19

Fleets push registrations up in France

In the first quarter of 2019, fleet car registrations in France went up 4.9% for cars and LCVs, according to numbers published by the Observatoire du Véhicule de l’Entreprise (OVE). The national car market as a whole rose by 4.2%.

LCVs rule

Light commercial vehicles saw the biggest fleet growth in this first quarter, going up by 6.58% (92,282 vehicles). Car registrations went up 3.78% and hit 125,951 vehicles.

Petrol cars account for 21.19% of all corporate registrations in the first quarter (46,250 vehicles), a 57% growth. Looking at cars without LCVs, petrol commands a 32.94% market share.

Electric and hybrid

Registrations of electric cars and LCVs increased by 36.71% to 4,871 units, representing a 2.23% market share. Growth is even more impressive when focusing on cars, reaching 63.77% or 3,087 cars.

Hybrid uptake grew by a more modest 5.91% (6,933 vehicles) and now hold a 3.18% market share of new registrations. Plug-in hybrids in particular grew (+22.43%) whereas hybrid electric vehicles remained stable (+0.21%).

Diesel chugs on

Diesel still hasn’t hit rock bottom, losing 4.94% to hit 159,882 vehicles. Excluding vans, cars lost even more ground, decreasing by 13.44%. Nevertheless, total diesel registrations still account for 73.26% for fleets (cars + LCVs) and 59.36% for the car segment without LCVs.

Diesel may continue its downfall and electric vehicles may continue gaining ground, the pure numbers reveal a market still strongly dominated by the old and familiar fuel.

Image: car hauler in the North of France

Authored by: Benjamin Uyttebroeck