24 Oct 18

Mixed message from France on emissions taxes

The French government has introduced a change to the penalties to be paid for vehicles which exceed given levels of CO2 emissions. Carmakers had wanted a change in the starting point from 117 grams per km to 124 grams per km, to compensate for the switch away from the original NEDC testing procedure. 


The new limits are lowered for the higher polluting cars, that is to say those with emissions of between 123 and 190 grams. However, there is now a penalty for the category of 117 to 119 grams, which will pay 35 to 45 Euros from next year, whereas they are exempt this year. The higher categories, receiving a decreased penalty, will see a car emitting 184 grams now being charged 8,460 Euros, which is 1,830 Euros lower than before.

The French government is basing its calculations on the revised version of NEDC for 2019, which will be out of date when WLTP is fully operational. It is to make further modifications in light of the change. It is expecting a net increase in revenues, with the low-emissions cars with a small rise in penalty, more than compensating for the high emissions cars and their decreases.

(Image: your mechanic.com)

Authored by: Tim Harrup