21 Feb 19

France needs 6.5 million charge points

A new report from management consultant Colombus Consulting says that some 6.5 million charging points will be required in France to support the 5.5 million electric cars expected to be on the roads by 2030. The charge points will be spread between people’s homes, their places of work and in public spaces such as motorways.

Along with a supply of charge points in sufficient numbers, Colombus Consulting points to the necessity of having simplified methods of identification and payment, and a network which makes recharging an electric car as similar as possible to filling up with petrol – i.e. a 5 to 10 minute stop. This will clearly require ultra-fast charge points, compared to what is available today. Thought will also have to be given to a likely peak in demand after work, when people return home and recharge their cars.

Authored by: Tim Harrup