28 Mar 24

Small fleets lead electrification in Germany

Among German corporate fleets, it’s the smaller ones that are electrifying faster than their larger counterparts. A study by fleet management experts shiftmove shows that in January this year, 9% of small fleets were fully electrified, versus just 5% of large fleets.

Shiftmove examined around 150,000 corporate cars in corporate fleets with varying sizes, diverse drive types and different manufacturers. Over the past five years, the electrification rate of Germany’s small corporate fleets (those with fewer than 20 vehicles) has shot up from 1% to 9% BEVs, reports Autoflotte.

Diesel decline

In contrast, Germany’s large corporate fleets (more than 200 vehicles) have a BEV share of just 5%. That also places them behind mid-sized fleets (20-200 vehicles), which had an 8% share of BEVs in the first month of this year. 

Corresponding to the rise of BEVs, the share of diesels has consistently dropped over the past five years, among all fleet sizes. 

  • In large fleets, the share of diesels declined by 15% to 67%.
  • In medium-sized fleets, diesels declined by 17% to 61%.
  • And in small fleets, they also declined by 17%, to just 55%.

The diesel decline in small fleets corresponds perfectly to the rise in BEVs and PHEVs, which together increased by 17%. In all, across all fleet sizes, one in ten German corporate cars today is a PHEV. 

Brand preference

In terms of brand preference, the number one choice for German fleets of all sizes is Volkswagen (with a 25% share in the diesel, petrol and BEV segments). The exception is the PHEV segment, where Toyota is the brand of choice among large fleets (21%), while Mercedes (16%) and BMW (15%) are the preferred brands among medium-sized fleets, and BMW (14%) among small fleets. 

In case you’re wondering about Tesla: it’s the third-most popular EV brand among small (9%) and medium-sized (8%) company fleets in Germany, and the sixth-most popular one among large fleets. 

Image: Shutterstock 1601617126

Authored by: Frank Jacobs